Is It Time To Get A New Roof? 8 Ways to Tell!


How do you know it’s time to re-roof? The expert roofers in Dallas TX speak out!

A regular inspection of your roof may determine some minor issues that you could address immediately, calling upon the services of your local roof repair professional in Fort Worth. However, at some point, you may have to opt for a complete re-roof. Is it that time for your property? Here are some warning signs that you should look out for!

Dark Spots Show Areas of Granular Loss
Dark Spots Show Areas of Granular Loss

1.     Granule Loss

The small granules on your roof are vital in protecting your home from the sun’s ultra violet rays and improving its water-shedding abilities. As an essential element, granule loss can increase your interior’s susceptibility to risks or damage.

2.     Missing Shingles

Roofs tend to age in a uniform manner. Loss of shingles means losing the even aging process, allowing your structure to be vulnerable to water damage and decay.

3.     Curling or Cracks in the Roof

Generally, shingles are designed to be water resistant. Any curls, cracks or breakage means that it has lost its immunity to water damage. This usually happens at the end of the life of the roof, i.e. between 12-25 years, depending on the composition.

4.     Leaks

Typically, leaks are repaired to ensure the roof does not need replacement down the line. However, if these leaks are accompanied by stains or damp spots along the underside of the roof they spring up in, you might need to replace the roof.

Dried Out/Cracked Pipe Jack Flashing
Dried Out/Cracked Pipe Jack Flashing

5.     Chimney Flashing

This is another factor that homeowners should be concerned about. Flashing that consists of roof cement or tar is more prone to damage. This is especially around chimneys and vents. This may be caused as the caulk material dries under the flashing that ultimately leads to water seeping underneath.

6.     Shingle Granules in Gutters

Toward the end of their life, roofs lose more and more of their granules. Take a look into your gutter. If you see residuals there, then this indicates decay.

7.     Daylight Peeping Through Roof Boards

Check your attic and other parts of the ceiling to see if light is seeping through during the day. While it may simply be due to the nails entering the roofing material, it could also be the result of something more serious, such as missing or curving shingles.

8.     The Roof Has Reached the End of its Maximum Age

Most roofing experts estimate that a high quality composition roof could last between 15-25 years. This depends on its installation. For instance, if the new roof was layered over another older one, over 20 years ago, then you may need a new one installed this time around.

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