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Mansfield Commercial Roof Inspection 

Your commercial roof is a very important part of the building,  therefore a major and essential investment. When the need for an inspection arises, James Kate Roofing will devise a solution that addresses your concerns and is within your budget. 

If you discover signs of water damage on the inside of the building’s roof, it is a sign that your commercial roofing system is failing, and you require the commercial roofing skills of a certified roofing contractor, you will need to hire one. The inspection is going to be like a journey of discovery for your roofing system, and it is going to describe what is currently wrong as well as what is going to go wrong in the future. After all of the essentials have been ironed out, our roofing experts will be able to present a variety of options for repairing or replacing your roofing system, depending on its age and the degree of damage.

Comprehensive Commercial Roofing Inspection

You can get free inspection and estimation services from James Kate Roofing. You can trust that we are the best out there. In order to provide advice and cost estimates for the installation of new roofing, our highly qualified and trained roofers will visit your commercial building, assess your roof, and conduct an inspection. In addition, we can provide you with an excellent roofing installation service if you’d like. To schedule an inspection, contact us today

What to Expect From a Professional Roof Inspection?

A roof inspector will look for leaks, damage caused by debris blown by the wind, problems with Algae growth, unusual wear and tear, and problems that could have happened when the shingles were put on or after they were fixed. In the end, a roof inspection can be broken down into four parts: 

The Structure: Professional inspectors like us will look for unbalanced roof planes or indicators that the roof is sagging. The gutter system will also be inspected as well.

The Materials: The Professional inspectors will look for loose, curling, or missing shingles.

The Interior: The interior inspection is conducted on the inside of your commercial property. A professional inspector will check the ceilings and the interior walls for mold and signs of water damage.

The Workmanship: Here, a professional inspector will carefully inspect your roof for potential workmanship mistakes that could increase the likelihood of leaks and other damage.

Contact James Kate Roofing for a Professional Commercial Roof Inspection

A skilled roofer will have all of the necessary equipment, tools, and safety gear on their person in order to do a comprehensive roof check. In addition to this, they are aware of what to look for and have the experience necessary to spot the indicators that there may be a problem. After conducting an inspection of your commercial roof, a professional roofer can make recommendations regarding the necessary repairs and let you know what steps need to be taken next.

Are you interested in having an inspection performed on your commercial roof?  Give James Kate Roofing a call today at (972) 895-7997 to find out how to book a free inspection for your commercial roof.

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GAF Awards

  • GAF Master Elite
  • GAF Triple Excellence Award
  • GAF President's Club

Factors That Affect Replacement Costs

When calculating how much it will cost to replace or repair a business roof, our expert estimators at James Kate Roofing consider a wide range of variables.

Size: The size of your roof is a huge factor in the total replacement project.

System: There are different types of roofing systems, each of which varies in cost.

Roof style: If your commercial roof was designed to have multiple peaks and valleys, it is only expected to influence the labor cost as complex roof staples are usually costlier than flat roofs per square foot.

Roof Access: If we have to hire a crane for easy access to a story building with 10 floors, it will cost more than when it is just a story building with 1 floor.

A Commercial  Roofing Contractor You Can Count On

Feel free to call James Kate Roofing for your commercial roofing needs. Helping customers make the right choice is our joy; we have been in the industry for many years, proudly serving our customers with professional installation, repairs, and replacement. 

To receive an estimate for your commercial roofing project, contact us at (972) 895-7997 today!

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    Courteous, prompt and most of all patient during the nearly 2 months for insurance processing.

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