Basic Knowledge – Choosing TheRight Color Of Roofing Shingles


There is perhaps nothing more important to a house in terms of functionality and aesthetic appeal than its roof. Although you can never compromise on the former, the latter is taken for granted by many.The result of which is an unattractive exterior that ruins the look of the entire house.

Essential to improving the look of the roof is the right color choice of shingles, which not only provides protection, but also adds more to the beauty of the house and its surroundings.

Moreover, since this a long term and heavy investment, it is a must that you get the colors right the first time.

So how do you go about doing that? Here, we list a few tips guaranteed to help.

Start With The Climate

Right colored shingles can helpsave money from high energy bills. Remember, certain colors are very good absorbents of heat and cold. Therefore, color, in this case would affect the temperature of the house,and in turn,your utility bills from the heating or cooling equipment.

However, there is a trade off here. Light colors reflect sunlight and absorb less heat; whereas dark ones absorb heat and can help keep the house warm in winters. So, consider the climate before making a choice.

Choose Colors That Go With The Overall Look Of The House

Coordination of the color with other elements like the exteriors of the walls, bricks or more will give the house a neat appearance and a unique curb appeal. These can be shades of the same colors or entirely different,yet complementary ones. For instance, light green shingles are often used on houses with white walls.

A great way to go about choosing the right scheme is to look at existing designs, color palettes, shade cards or more. One other important thing to consider is that light colors tend to make the house look bigger while dark ones do the opposite.

What You Want The House To Reflect?

Do you want the house to reflect a contemporary look or a traditional one? Of course, this is something fairly subjective, but knowing this can help narrow down options and save time. Neutral colors are always a safe bet, since they never go out of style.

However, depending on your preferences, you can opt for other high/low contrast colors. Furthermore, be extra careful and consult a professional first. Don’t make a choice that you may ultimately end up regretting.

Don’t Forget The Neighbors

Some neighborhood associations require houses to maintain an identical look. Make sure you get clarification about any such restriction before finalizing your choice of colored shingles.

Even if that is not the case, do take into the account the colors of the roofs of surrounding houses. Avoid duplication, but don’t go out of the way to pull off something extraordinary.

In any case,we advice that you consult professionals, and even look online for the latest schemes and trends.

If you need help with the installation, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We offer highly professional home and commercial roofing services in Dallas, guaranteed to satisfy all your roofing needs.

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