Annual Roof Inspections Keep Your Roof Repair Costs At A Minimal!


Roofing repairs can easily cost a fortune. The longer you ignore leaks and tears, the bigger they become.

If mold, mildew and fungus are allowed to impose upon your home’s roof, you run the risk of even more extensive repairs and sometimes even entire roof replacements. Troubles with the roof can risk the health of everyone in the home. That’s why when a roof leaks, it is important to get it repaired as soon as possible.

But if you don’t want to afford the expensive repairs, there is a one very valid way of going around them. Call James Kate Roofing & Construction for regular inspection and maintenance, at least twice a year.

The Advantages of Semi-Annual Roofing Inspections

The high costs of roof repairs can be justified with the fact that roof replacements and repairs are indeed a huge emergency.  Here, at James Kate Roofing, we recommend you get the roof inspected each year before the onset of summer and winter season.

This helps our roofing specialists easily find and repair minor problems with the roofing before they become major issues.

Our roofing technicians have had extensive training of finding roofing problems; we have the equipment and expertise to help save you from extensive re-roofing and roofing repair expenses. We won’t wait for the more costly roofing problems to blow up and become roofing nightmares. Instead, we diagnose the smallest problems straight away, bring them to your attention and then fix them fast!

Here’s What We Look For

When our roof inspectors climb the roof to look for potential roofing issues, they are on the lookout for:

Damaged Shingles

Broken or curling shingles are evidence for roofing that needs repairs to prevent leakage before it begins. Our licensed roofing technicians can quickly replace bad shingles before a major roof replacement is needed.

Sealants Going Bad

Often, sealants lose their power to keep water from entering your home. Our roofers check for blistering, peeling or separating sealants, clean up the space, reseal it and ensure health and longevity of your roof.

Discolorations and Rust

Marks, stains, and rusting nails, etc. should be cleaned and replaced before they lead to a bigger accident. Our roof repair pros can help deal with odd stains, dark marks, and rust effectively.

Gutters That Don’t Run Off

While not really a part of regular roofing services, we realize that a backed up gutter poses considerable threat to the health of a roof as well. It leads to roof leaks and can cause expensive roofing troubles.

Are you ready to get your roof inspected? Visit us to get started with the roof repair services. Or find out if we serve your area.

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