Metal Roofs – How Long Do They Last


Metal roofs are widely used on homes because they are durable and reliable. Other than being energy efficient, they provide protection against, wind, snow, rain and hail. However, longevity even in case of a roof made of a material as strong as metal depends on a host of factors. The manufacturer of the roof, quality of the material, type of metal, environmental conditions, maintenance and care go a long way in determining the life of the roof.

Types Of Metal Roofs And Durability

Depending on the material of the metal roof, the longevity varies. For instance, copper and zinc roofs in the best of situations can even last a century. Nowadays, specialized metal roofs are being manufactured to endure specific types of climatic conditions that further increase their lifespan. Owners can simply opt for ones that are designed and manufactured to withstand the conditions prevalent in their specific area.

A well built and installed metal roof that is maintained properly will not break down or get damaged like non-metal roofs. In fact, properly installed thin gauge metal roofing can last up to 20-30 years. Most companies today offer around 20-25 years of warranties on certain metals. Stronger metals like copper, aluminum, zinc, stainless steel and more, usually last 50 to 100 years.

Coatings Further Extend Roof Life

While usually seen on commercial roofs, coatings like elastomeric and more can further extend the life of metal roofs by providing additional protection. Simply put, these coatings serve as a barrier and protect the roof from taking any direct damage. The good thing is that even with this coating the metal roof retains its beneficial characteristics like that of reflection (energy efficiency), anti-aging and more.

Although the most durable metal roofs can last a century with no need for maintenance, there are measures that can be taken to increase the life of those made of less durable materials. In any case, we advise that proper and timely measures are taken to ensure longevity from one’s own end.

At first, metal roofs may seem expensive. However, if you take into the account the long-term benefits they offer, the extra cost becomes a more than justified investment. Our advice is that you thoroughly consult your roofing contractor before finalizing your choice of roof material.

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