5 Tips to Prevent Roof Leaks


No homeowner wants to go through the nightmare of finding a leaky roof. Not only can it cost a lot of money in repair and maintenance fees, but also has the risk of causing damage to your property.

On rainy days, especially, a leaky roof can prove to be a disaster due to the risks involved in damaging furniture, appliances and walls, in addition to spreading risks of illnesses and diseases.

However, leaky roofs can easily be prevented by prioritizing good maintenance and routine inspections. The following are 5 tips you need to follow to prevent leaky roof from ever becoming a nuisance for you.

Always Keep an Eye Out For Possible Leak Spots

Although there are many places that can cause a leaky roof, you can make your job much easier by checking the most likely ones.

Among these are the chimney, ice dams, furnace shingles, cracked shingles, skylights, and more. Finding out the source of the leak can be difficult on a bright sunny day, which is why it is important to immediately check for a leak during rainy or snowy weather.

Have Your Roof Inspected From a Professional Roofer

Another reason that can explain a leaky roof could be the fact that your roof is outdated and thus is not sturdy enough to shelter your house from wet weather. Perhaps there are cracks on roof shingles or tiles that need to be replaced urgently. Be sure to seek professional roofers for an inspection.

Ensure Your Attic Is In a Good Condition

You may hear how important it is for your attic to be in excellent condition. Your attic can lead to leaky roof, owing to the problems of algae stains, mold, rust on nails, and black rings.

Improper ventilation can also contribute to leaky roof since it can lead to moisture and too much heat to accumulate. The insulation should also cover the intake vents to encourage efficient airflow.

Check if the Gutter Slopes Are At the Right Angle

Gutters connecting to the roof should be installed properly and should slope at an appropriate angle. If it has been improperly installed, it may lead to a leak in the roof. More importantly, the gutter should be cleaned on a routine basis so that debris and dirt do not get inside and block it.

Employ Professional Roofing Contractor for Effective Maintenance

While routine checks can be useful for detecting minor problems early on, it is the job of an experienced roofing company to make sure your roof’s functionality is intact and does not require any repairs, shingle or tile replacements.

Regular roofing maintenance from an experienced roofer is the key to sustaining roofing performance. To schedule a roof inspection from one of our roofers in various regions of Texas, including Keller, Denton, Arlington and more. Contact us today.

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