Three Steps To Make Your Roof Last Longer


That roof is a huge investment! And all it needs is a little bit of TLC to last for many decades to come. Average asphalt roofing, is the most common type, and can easily last for 20 to 30 years. There are some steps you can take to help prolong its life, and protect and sustain its integrity for many more years.

The first step is always the most important.

Let’s learn more:

1. Always Address Maintenance and Repair Issues ASAP!

Other home improvement projects can wait. Roof repairs, on the other hand must be addressed immediately. Mold and mildew might look like small issues, but these are precursors to bigger problems for e.g. roof leakage. And if not taken care of right away may result in complete roof replacement. Immediate repairs can put an end to water damage and other similarly destructive issues while ensuring continued integrity of your home’s roof.

Also, don’t forget to clean up the twigs, leaves and other debris from the gutters as well as the downspouts. Power-wash the algae and sweep off standing water on your roof, if any. And in case you spot any curling or peeling shingles, get professional help to replace the damaged pieces before the issue spreads to other shingles.

2. Invest in Preventative Measures

A little bit of prevention and care now can save you from the huge expense of having to replace roofing later. Start off by tackling the attic. Install suitable insulation to keep the temperature stable on the inside so the outside doesn’t get taxed unnecessarily.

Next, get to work on the ventilation. Good ventilation will put a stop to water vapor buildup and keep the moisture inside the home from damaging the sheathing or the rafters. And finally, take a walk around your property.  Do you see any branches that might come crashing with a strong gust of wind, and destroy all your dreams of making that roof last? If the answer is yes, cut them away.

3. Schedule Regular Inspection

The truth is that as the homeowner, roofing care is the least of your concerns, especially when the roof is brand new and is performing at its finest. It’s only when problems start coming up, many homeowners realize they had forgotten all about the roof.

To keep that roof looking great, schedule monthly roof inspection with a dependable roofing company and stay forever worry-free. The technicians will show up at the schedules time and carry out a visual roof inspection to ensure that everything is as it should be.

Schedule a routine cleaning, inspection and maintenance schedule and contact us if you find any red flag. As a residential roofing company Mansfield Texas, we provide installation, repair and reroofing services across Texas.

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