How to Prepare for a Roof Replacement


If you and/or your roofer have decided it’s time for your roofing material to be replaced, you may have some questions or concerns about the process.

Don’t hire a roofing contractor until they have explained everything about the process and answered any and all questions you may have.

To help you get started, the following will answer any questions you may have about what to expect with a roof replacement; from the roof replacement process to specific steps you need to take to ensure that all goes as smoothly as possible.

How long does a roof replacement take?

a roof needing repair
The amount of damage will dictate the time to fix

Although this is a very common question, in reality it’s impossible to definitively answer it.

Typically, it can take anywhere from a few hours, to a few weeks, depending upon the scope of the project. Several things can impact the length of time it takes to replace your roof, including:

  • weather
  • size of your roof
  • condition of the roof which dictates what needs to be done
  • permitting and inspection issues
  • type of roofing material being installed

How to prepare for a roof replacement

Use a roof replacement checklist – like the one below – to ensure that you’ve done everything necessary to help your roofer repair your roof as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Prepare the outside

Cut your grass short

When your roofer tears off the old shingles, the metal nails that held the old shingles onto the roof and the staples that tacked down your underlayment will come off with them.

Although your roofer will lay down tarps to catch them, some may slip past this barrier. When your grass is short it can help your roofer find these nails and staples easier with their magnetic nail finder.

Note that your roofer will do his best to find all of the nails, but some may be missed. After your roofer has finished, consider walking around your house to do yet another visual inspection to see if you can find any more.

Move any outdoor furniture, plants, or decorative fixtures

Your roofer will be laying out tarps that may cover some of your favorite garden gnomes, leaving them vulnerable to any falling roofing debris.

The fewer the obstacles, the faster your roofer can get their job done.

Cover any air conditioning units with plywood after shutting off the thermostat in your home. Switch off the power disconnect switch to avoid anyone accidentally turning on the AC.

Your roofer will likely use a large dump truck or dumpster for debris. Make sure there’s enough room for them to position it as close to the home as possible, saving time and labor for the roofer and preventing debris from littering the path from your home to the street.

Clear space in your attic

Keep the path to your attic access door free of clutter as your roofer may need to access it.

If you have anything stored in your attic, save yourself cleanup time and cover them up with a tarp or plastic sheeting to protect from any debris such as tar paper, nails, etc. that was put on your roof during prior roof installations.

Protect fragile items

When your roofer is installing a new roof, it may cause a lot of vibration. Remove your mirrors, picture frames and other fragile items to protect them from damage.

If you’re having a skylight installed, make sure the area of installation is free of any clutter to prevent accidents and speed up the construction process. Cover any furniture with plastic or cloth sheeting.

More roof replacement tips

roof repair tools on a roof
Make sure to use a good checklist for your roof replacement

Once your old roofing materials have been torn away, your roofer has a better view of your roof’s decking. All of your shingles need to be nailed into a solid surface, so your roofer may recommend repairing or replacing some or all of the decking.

Let your neighbors know about the planned roof replacement. If your houses are less than 10 feet apart your roofer may want to hang a tarp from your neighbor’s gutter to protect their home’s siding.

If your bathroom doesn’t have a vent, now’s a good time to ask your roofer if he can put one in so that you can have a bathroom fan installed, improving the room’s airflow and helping to prevent mold and mildew.

Bottom line, the best thing you can do to prepare for a roof replacement is to stay in communication with your roofer. He’ll be able to answer any questions you may have which are specific to your particular home.

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