Types of Metal Roofs for Your Home


A metal roof is a great choice for any home because it features exceptionally long-life spans — many over 50 years — and the durability and minimal maintenance of metal roofs have made them a consumer favorite for decades. More residential homeowners in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex area are turning to different types of metal roofs for their long-term roofing solutions because metal roofing provides better durability and energy efficiency than shingles or tile in the long run.

Why choose metal roofs for your home?

Metal roofing is a long-lasting and low maintenance alternative to traditional asphalt shingles for homeowners. Asphalt shingles have lower upfront costs, they are vulnerable to shrinking, eroding, and cracking where they are exposed to extreme weather conditions.

Almost all types of metal roofs can last 50 or more years with minimal maintenance or repairs. When designed accordingly, metal roofs can withstand wind gusts of up to 140 miles per hour and will not corrode or crack due to seasonal weather conditions. A metal roof is also fire resistant and energy efficient, reducing your cooling costs by a big margin.

Different types of metal roofs

Deciding on the roofing material is one of the most crucial tasks for most of the homeowners. If you have decided a metal roof is right for your home, the biggest decision you will have to make is what type of metal roof is right for your home. To help you choose the best type of metal roof for your home, here are the pros and cons of the most common types of metal roofs:

Aluminum roofing

Aluminum is the favorite type of metal roof on the market today because it’s durable, lightweight, and naturally corrosion-resistant, which makes it ideal for nearly any home. Aluminum roofing materials come pre-painted these days so you can choose from a full range of available options from the manufacturer, and ready-to-install metal will come to your roofer.

Aluminum is available in nearly any shape or profile you prefer, from aluminum shakes or shingles to a traditional standing-seam metal roof. The biggest disadvantage of aluminum metal roofing system is its cost. Though it is not as expensive as copper or zinc, the average aluminum roof does cost more than a traditional asphalt roof. If you balance that with the longer lifespan of aluminum roofs, the upfront costs often outweigh the overall cost of the roof.

Copper roofing system

If you need a bold, beautiful look, you cannot beat a classic copper metal roof. Copper roof is one of the best types of metal roofs and has been around for centuries, praised for its natural beauty and the attractive blue-green patina it forms when left exposed to the elements. Copper is an exceptionally durable roofing material, but it also has some drawbacks.

The biggest problem with a copper roof is its cost. A complete copper roof can cost a lot, that’s why many homeowners opt for just a flash of copper roofing on a porch or on a roofing accent like a dormer. Copper also tends to streak and stain other materials as water runs off it, so it’s good to consider carefully where you’d like to install copper roofing on your home.

Zinc roofing system

Zinc is also one of the long-lasting types of metal roof. Like copper, zinc will patina over time, which makes it more durable and ensures it will not rust. As zinc is 100% recyclable that’s why it’s a great choice for those who are looking for green roofing and energy. If you needed to reroof (though it would take decades) you could recycle the old roofing materials entirely.

With all the benefits, it’s easy to see why zinc is among the popular types of metal roof, though it does have a few drawbacks. Zinc is very expensive to install and you would need a specialized roofing crew, and the material itself is costly. It is a softer metal, so it doesn’t hold up as well to hail as some other options might.

Steel roofing system

Being the top choice for commercial for a long time, steel roofing is now becoming a popular type of metal roof for homeowners too. Steel is composed of iron and other elements and used for heavy-duty aspects of construction because of its exceptionally durability. When it comes to metal roofing, steel is the best type of roofing metal. It is the least expensive metal roofing material on this list and a great option for many. The biggest problem with steel roofing is that it rusts. To combat this issue, steel roofing materials are manufactured in three different ways:

Galvanized Steel Roofing – The most common type of steel roofing, galvanized steel uses a layer of zinc to protect an inner layer of steel from corroding.

Galvalume Steel Roofing – A combination of aluminum and zinc is used to protect the inner steel layer of roofing. The aluminum offers better corrosion protection and makes for a more uniform appearance on the final product.

Weathering Steel Roofing – It is composed of two layers of steel. The outer layer is designed to rust, protecting the inner layer. Since this type of metal roof is designed to rust, it’s usually only used as an accent piece, to add a bit of character to a home.

Need an expert’s advice?

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