Why routine roofing maintenance and inspections can COST YOU less in the future.


Many people do not realize that proper roofing maintenance is very important. People often only get their roofs check after a bad storm that may have caused damage to their roofs. However, many fail to realize that there are other reasons why it is important to always maintain and inspect roofs. By routinely maintaining and properly inspecting our roofs, we ensure increase in longevity and a possible decrease of cost. Here are some reasons why your roof may have damage:

1.) Storm Damage

 High winds, hail, heavy rain and other weather issues can and will affect the quality of roofs over time. Just because it did not hail or rain hard doesn’t mean damage has not accumulated. To prevent further damage and a bigger hole in your pocket- get your roof inspected immediately after bad weather to make sure repairs can be made before they get worse.

2.) Proper Drainage

Water is heavy, it sits when not drained. When it is sitting on your roof, it can create leaks as the moisture infiltrates your roof. Making sure that there is proper drainage on your roof can and will avoid this type of damage. Trash, debris, leaves, and other objects may also cause unwanted damages by obstructing drainage. Have your roof regularly cleaned to avoid these types of mishaps.

3.) Routine Maintenance Damage/Roof Cleaning

Often times when other repairs to your home have to be done, the roof is where people have to get to in order to connect cables, install satellites and more. Sometimes, debris are left behind and mechanical access panels are not closed properly or fall- without you knowing. By failing to clean debris and returning things where they belong damage can occur.

4.) Vegetation Damage

Birds nest, plants grow, squirrels deposit seeds (which promote the growth of vegetation) it is all a part of the “roofing lifecycle”. Tree branches falling on the roof and scraping against it can cause huge damage. In addition, gutters play a huge a role in the growth of vegetation because it accumulates seeds, moisture, and dirt. By making sure that trees are trimmed and gutters are cleaned and maintained it lessens a risk that damages the roof over time.

Inspections and maintenance can cost money but it will be far less expensive than having to replace your roof. Here at Justin Kate Roofing, we make sure we give you the best solution and pricing to fit your needs. Our team is qualified, skilled and we make sure we take care of our customers- that’s why we are A+ rated. Save your money and call us today to schedule a free estimate. It doesn’t hurt to have your roof checked especially with the weather we’ve been having! 

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