When is The Best Time of the Year to Get Your Roof Replaced?


This might seem like an odd question but it’s actually very important once you start thinking about replacing your roof. The weather plays a very important factor when it comes to roof repairs and replacement. Below, we are going to discuss each season briefly and find out the best time of the year for any type of roof work.


As someone who is not experienced in roofing, you might think that the best time would be summer, but contrary to this, many roofers believe that winter is the right time to repair or replace your roof. The cost of repair obviously goes down during the winter months, which means that many companies offer discounts on any roofing projects they get and that in turn, can be very beneficial for a customer.


Summer, on the other hand can also be a good time for any construction plans you might have. The heat  actually helps the roofers get the job done more efficiently and allows the adhesive to stick better, and the shingles to lay flatter. Although it is more cost effective to get any roofing work done in winter, the shingles can appear to stick up. In fact, many roofers in Dallas prefer to work in the summer because it helps the shingles to lie down properly.


Fall is probably the most dependable time of the year because of the lack of rain. As the days begin to cool down, the heat becomes tolerable, and with the weather becoming predictable, many roofers in Dallas as well as roofers in Plano choose to book more roof repairs. However, that can become a problem because it can be difficult to get an appointment.


Because of the adequate warmth, wind and sunshine, roofers encourage customers to schedule roof replacements during  spring so that roofing companies can fit them early in the schedule. Also, because the weather is better, many home owners opt for repairs so that they can go through the rest of the year without any problems. But remember to be first in line to get an appointment because many roofers can become booked with bigger projects.

Each season can have its pros and cons but with the proper roofing company to help you get the right services, you can get the repairs you want without it costing too much. So now that you know which season to choose, book an early appointment with us at James Kate Roofing and avail our services across 19 cities.

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