Critical Steps for Selecting the Perfect Roof Shingle


Choosing the finest roofing shingles can easily intimidate you mainly because of the myriad choices you encounter. From the composition to the price, style and color, there are a multitude of variables to assess the viability of the roof shingle that you are about to install. Knowing that there are compound sub-variables within a single variable, it is imperative to meticulously assess your roofing shingle to find the perfect one.

First of all, understand the type of climate you live in so that you can conclude on the number of years a specific kind of shingle will survive. Knowing that low-priced shingles wouldn’t endure for a long time, there are some patterned shingles that survive longer in dry climates.

Here are some critical steps that every homeowner must take in order to have the best roof shingle:

Agree On the Cost

Get hold of a measuring tape and determine the measurement of your roof top in approximate square footage. Shingles are sold in the market in terms of squares and each square accounts for 100 sq ft, so multiply the length and width of squares and come up with a figure. To explain it in the simplest manner, 10×19 sq ft roof equates to 190 sq ft area. To cover the wastage expenditures, add at least 10% into this amount and you’ll get 209 sq ft. Once you get your figure, you’ll be able to easily calculate the cost you’ll have to pay for your preferred shingles

Decide On the Time It Will Last

As per the rule of thumb, the more expensive roofing shingle you buy, the brighter the chances of its survival over a long period of time. However, things are a little different with architectural shingles. Designer shingles would be more expensive but not as durable as you expect them to be. Talking about the warranty of the shingles, make sure you collaborate with a renowned roofing company in Fort Worth that offers you a reasonable variety of products and services.

The Type You Want

Asphalt shingles are one of the best roofing options you can resort to; however, they are priced in view of that. When it comes to durability and effectiveness, they win hands down with the longest warranty on an industrial scale.

Laminate shingles are high on durability and architecturally styled to add beauty to the exterior or your home.  Without heavy maintenance and other expenditures, they can easily mimic the appearance of other shingles. From shakes to triangles, rounded and slate patterns, the list goes on. However, you will be required to pay additionally for these shingles.

Rest of the options at hand are shingles made up of clay, wood and other materials that are not as reliable and convenient. They will surely beautify the outlook your home, but will not survive for more than 3-5 years.

The Color You Desire

The good news is that shingles come in a wide range of colors for you to choose from and meet your roofing needs in the most beautiful yet functional manner. From the basic red, blue, green to customized colors, you will find it all. However, be particular about the hues because the darker tone you select, the more heat it will retain.

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