Winter Maintenance for Arlington Roofs


Winters in Arlington means sidewalks being covered in sleet ice or heavy snow. Always the risk of slipping…

But several homeowners go through much worse. As bad as winters are for the sidewalks, they can wreak havoc on roofs. Usually, you’d expect a roof to last at least 20 years, no matter what material it is made of. However, winters have a way of reducing the life of a roof if it’s not properly maintained.

So before winter arrives, here’s what you should do to ensure the safety of your roof as well as your entire property.

1.     Conduct inspections

Usually, we recommend conducting at least a yearly inspection. However, in states with harsher winters, you should conduct bi-annual inspections before the cold weather. Once it starts snowing, you won’t be climbing the roof for at least a while.

Inspect the entire roof as well as gutters for damage. Check if you can find deterioration anywhere in the roofing system. If it snowed a few days ago, you should make sure no remnants are there in downspouts and fascia to clog them. Also remove snow from the roof.

2.     Trim nearby trees

If there are branches hanging over the roof, there’s a risk of leaves and branches dropping in the gutters. This will clog it, leading to a hazard in case of a storm comes. The branches can snap due to pressure, which can cause holes through the roof.

Furthermore, heavier branches from fully grown trees may fall over the roof during storms. This can cause serious damage. You shouldn’t cut them; instead, just trim the branches so they’re a bit farther away.

3.     Clean downspouts and gutters1111

Again, check that gutters and downspouts are not clogged. Water and ice easily moves down the roof through these systems, protecting your roof as well as your house. But clogged gutters can limit this movement.

Clogging can also cause a backup of water internally which can freeze and damage the roofline. If water or snow remains on the roof instead of passing down, the buildup can get heavier thus endangering the roof.

Even if it’s not winter yet, weather conditions have been varying. Go ahead with inspections. Seasonal weather can cause havoc on roofing, but proper maintenance can keep things in shape.

If your roof has been damage because of weather or any other reason, give us a call right away. We’re a residential roofing company with a team of experienced roofers to take care of your roof repairs and installation needs.



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