Roof Leaks: How can you identify them?


Even the smallest leaks have the ability to cause major damages to your home! There are the risks of mold, rotted framing, sheathing, all of which tend to cause damage to the insulation and ceilings.

Not being able to identify roof leaks can cause serious issues; especially when you are not in the habit of regular maintenance. So how do you identify these leaks? Here’s how you can go about this:

Review the Roof’s Exterior Area

Start with the exterior area of the roof and then work down. This will help you in locating the general position of the leak and you will be able to find out where exactly the leakage has occurred. When you find the area, climb inside the attic to check if the leakage has cause any holes. If the situation is worse than you thought, immediately call roofing professionals.

Check Gutters

Gutters should be clean at all times. Especially during rainy and snowy seasons! Not taking care of gutters will lead to dust and debris accumulation, ultimately clogging the gutter. This can cause leakage which will damage your roof. Avoid all such situations and keep your gutters clean throughout the year, regardless of the season.

Assess Flashing

Flashing failure is responsible for almost 95 percent of leakages. Leakages that are not related to roofing materials or that are not due to poor weather conditions are due to flashing issues. Check valley flashing, chimney flashing, plumbing vent pipe flashing, and flashing on dormer roof vents. Also look in areas between shingles that intersect flashing. They are potential leakage areas. Leaks typically occur higher on the roof than the place where they enter your home; therefore, thoroughly investigate your roof for finding the main leakage area.

Weather might be the Culprit

Extreme and harsh weathers are usually the reasons behind leakages. Your roofs safeguard your homes all year round, throughout all weathers, thus are easily impacted by them. During summers, the roofing paper may dry and may also damage the tar. Your roof starts deteriorating, and cracks start appearing. Windblown rain and sudden weather changes are a critical issue which causes problems for your roof, and leakages occur easily.

Getting your roof inspected regularly is a common way of avoiding roof leakages. Contact your nearest roofing professionals for inspection. One of the best Dallas’ roofing companies, James Kate Roofing offers reliable roofing services. As soon you contact us, our team of professionals visits your home for inspection and offers the best roofing solutions.

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