Hail Protection Tips for Your Home


Bad weather can strike at anytime, anywhere! If you have ever experienced a hail storm, you know that the seemingly harmless ice balls can be extremely dangerous. These can cause quite a lot of damage to an unprepared home.

The average hailstorm usually lasts 5 minutes or even less, but the golf ball sized snow balls can wreak havoc, causing billions of dollars worth of damage to properties each year. Here are a few tried and tested tips from our experts. Minimize the damage caused by hail storms to your property with these basics:

Ensure A Well-Kept Roof!

The roof is your first line of defense in case of a hail storm and takes the biggest beating. Before the storm is expected, ensure that there are no leaks, exposed areas or rotting wood that would take the brunt of the storm.

Secure The Windows

We said golf ball sized pieces, but some of them can be as large as grapefruits! And those can shatter home windows easily. So reinforce and cover them with a big piece of cardboard that can withstand the force of the storm. Cover your windows with drapes and blinds on the inside of the house.

This last measure ensures that even if the window glass does get broken, the glass pieces don’t get blown inside the house and injure anyone.

Bring the Outside Furniture Inside

Patio and other outdoor furniture cannot survive the force of an average sized hailstorm. It’d be wise to bring it inside. At least place it somewhere so it doesn’t get dented or broken.

Consider Getting a New Roof!

If you live in an area that is often subjected to hailstorms, then the maintenance and roof repair costs must be sky high. Redo your roof with an impact-resistant material that can easily weather storms.

Talk to your residential roofing company about roofing materials with a UL2218 label as well as a class 3 or 4 rating. The sturdiest is a class 4 rating of course. It signifies that a sample of the roofing material was tested and it did not crack under a stress test where it was hit twice in the same spot with 2 inch steel ball.

If a roof can withstand that, it can definitely survive the worst of a hailstorm.

After the storm has passed, you can call on us to assess your home and property right away.

Our expert roofers will ensure that any damage is discovered right away and does not get exacerbated into a huge problem that mandates roof replacement.

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