Identifying Roofing Damage Caused By A Hailstorm



A hail storm has the potential to damage more than just roads and vehicles.

A few minutes of hail can cause substantial damage to your home’s windows, siding and even roof. The extent of damage on a residential roof depends on its age, materials, etc.

Whatever the extent, it is imperative you take immediate action to rectify the situation and have it repaired. Ignoring the damage could lead to structural deterioration, causing leaks. But it can be difficult to distinguish normal roof wear and tear from hail damage.

Here are a few tips to determine if your roof has been damaged by hail:

Check Metal Surfaces For Damage

Look for damage on the metal surfaces of your roof, such as metal roof vents, valleys and flashings. The presence of dents in these soft metal areas show that the roof has been affected by hail. The intensity of dents may indicate the magnitude of the storm.

Climb up your roof and check the top

You cannot confirm if your roof has suffered any harm until you go up the ladder and look for details. You should check your roof’s ridge cap for impact marks. Since the area is flat, it will be most affected as it is directly hit in case of a storm. Presence of a slope or pitch may result in damage on only one side of the roof as perpendicular hits cause more harm to the roof.

Check the shingles and their edges to see if there has been any damage. Also check the edges of shingles. Remember that if you have a structurally strong decking, it won’t flex under stress and hence won’t be as impacted.

Look for signs of hail damage

If you want to know whether the roof damage you see was caused by hail, look for three signs: 11111bruising, cracking and asphalt granule loss.

See if there are any missing asphalt pieces from the roof. Look for black areas or spots. It indicates loss of granules from asphalt shingles. Shingles may also appear shiny, if damaged.

Also search for bruising as dents may not be fully visible on the shingles. If unsure, run your hand over them to feel for small depressions on surface.

Are the shingles cracked? A huge hail storm may result in a circular crack if it hits the place hard enough.

If you want to claim insurance for hail damage, you first need to confirm that the damage was a result of the hail. Call us now for expert opinion on your residential roofing damage. You can also request an estimate for free.

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