What To Do If Your Roof Is Leaking


Storm damage, clogged gutters, shingle wear, ice dames are all causes of a leaky roof and you should be aware of them all.

But do you know how to fix the problem?If not, then here’s a walk through of steps that you should take as soon as you notice a roof leak:

Identify the Leak Source

Start inside your attic to identify where the water is coming in your home. This will help you in locating the general position of the leak so you can find out where exactly the leakage has occurred. When you find the area, climb onto your roof see if you can easily identify where the water is coming in based on the leak location in your attic.  Look for exposed nails, rotted rubber seals around your pipe jacks, lifted or cracked flashing, ventilation deterioration, etc.Approximately 95% of all leaks occur for the above listed reasons.

Next, check your gutters. Gutters should be clean at all times. Especially during rainy and snowy seasons! Not taking care of gutters will lead todebris accumulation, ultimately clogging them.

Harsh weather can also be a cause of rook leakage. Heavy rainfall and snowfall can cause damage to your roof, especially if it is old. Thus, inspecting your roof after extreme weather is a good idea.

Minimize the Damage

When your roof leaks, you may see bubbles or bulges in the ceiling. This is a sign that water is pooling and if you don’t release the pressure, it could bring your whole ceiling down. Use the tip of a screwdriver or a pin to puncture the bubble and allow the water to drain out.

If water starts dripping, spring into action immediately and place a large bucket or container under the dripping water.Move your furniture and electronic equipments. If you can’t move anything, cover them with a plastic.

DIY or Call a Professional Roofer?

If you’re not comfortable with the DIY fix approach then find a reliable roofing contractor to solve your roof problem. A professional roofer will likely find the exact cause of the leak, will take appropriate steps to handle it properly, and schedule routine roof inspections for future.

If you’re looking for a residential roofing company in Dallas, look no further than James Kate Roofing. In addition to residential roofing services, we also offer commercial roof repair, inspection and installation services.

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