Decide If Your Roof Needs Replacing With These Signs


While roofs are meant to be a long-term investment, there comes a time when it is no longer functional and is in need of an urgent replacement.

However, deciding the time can be difficult. The dilemma of getting it repaired or replaced can be a stumbling block. Unless it collapses due to a hurricane or gets severely damaged as a result of a tree falling down, there is no clear indication of when a roof replacement is due.

For this reason, we present the following most important signs you need to keep watch on to decide if it is time to have your roof replaced.

It Is More Than 2 Decades Old

Most roofs are meant to last 20-30 years, which is why many roofing manufacturers offer a warranty of this period. Unless you have taken great care to increase its lifespan, most roofs are considered too old if it lasts beyond 30 years.

Over time, the roof shingles or tiles can become worn out and not be as sturdy and robust as it once used to be. If your roof has survived more than its lifespan, it is important that you get it replaced as soon as possible.

Roof Water Leaks into Your Attic

If you find traces of water in your attic, it can most likely mean that water is leaking from your roof. Check for signs of sunlight leaking in through the ceiling of your attic. If this is the case, it may mean your roof has reached the end of its usefulness and is in need of a replacement. If you are still not sure, consider getting your attic inspected by professional roofers.

Rising Utility Bills

In addition to providing shelter, your roof serves as an effective insulator against cold and heat that can permeate your house.

If you feel your house is not as warm during the winter or cold during the summer, it probably means that the roof’s insulation is no longer as efficient as before. As a result, you may be using more energy to keep your house temperature normal, and facing higher utility bills.

Degradation of Wall Paint

This is a lot easier to spot than others. Look for signs of stained or washed off paint on your walls as it can be the result of a damaged or leaky roof.

In summary, although one should seek roofing repairs to extend the life of their roofs, there comes a point when replacements are beneficial.

Knowing the aforementioned warning signs can be useful for preventing unnecessary property damage and paying substantial repair costs. To schedule an inspection for your roofs from your Denton roofers here at James Kate Roofing and Construction, please contact us today for enquiries.

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