Five Common Problems Reducing The Life Span Of Your Roof


Every property owner takes certain steps to ensure that their property remains safe. Residential or commercial property; the roof is one of the few structures that have a very necessary function in protecting the building.

Proper installation and maintenance can ward off several problems.

However, inexperienced roofers and seasonal construction workers can ruin the process. Here are the five most common problems that may occur as a result:

Problem #1: Moisture and leaks

This is one of the most common and threatening problem with roofs. Almost all roofs become susceptible to leaks, over time. Various factors contribute to developing these leaks earlier, ultimately degrading the overall structure.

For instance, built-up roofs face this problem if the flashings aren’t fastened correctly during installation. In contrast, modified bitumen roofs develop leaks if proper moisture barrier isn’t installed on parapet walls.

Furthermore, single-ply roofs may exhibit leaks if these are installed with poor seams.

222Problem #2: Tenting, blow-offs and reduced uplift resistance

Improperly attached flashings can also cause open seams, and eventually blow-offs, in bituminous roofs.

This can result in reduced puncture resistance and several other problems.

If seems are not adequately cured, wind uplift resistance reduces as well. Exposure to wind and rain before curing, can also allow moisture to infiltrate. It can also lead to damage from wind uplift.

Single-ply roofs also remain at risk of blow-offs and billowing, if these aren’t properly adhered to the substrate. Tenting of the flashings may also occur because of this.

Problem #3: Poor installation and repairs

As we have seen above, poor installation of various types of roof can expose them to environmental conditions. This can lead to leaks and other forms of roofing damages.

Workmanship is a common problem, particularly with specialized roofing materials. Proper knowledge as well as experience with specific materials go a long way. Precautions must be taken when preparing and installing these roofs.

Problem #4: Maintenance problems

Neglecting the roof can result in minor damages going unnoticed. This poses a serious problem, as it can spread the damage further.

Also, proper maintenance is required for the roof to perform for as long as it is warranted for. If maintenance procedures are not undertaken, the lifespan of the roof automatically decreases.

Certain damages are far more obvious than others. Routine inspections can thus help identify and solve most issue.

Problem #5: Standing water

This problem is also common across all roof types. Incidental ponding water can affect a roof’s performance. Proactive measures such as introducing a roof slope can help avoid the problem.

If left unaddressed, water can cause considerable damage to the roofing system. However, hasty repairs can’t solve the problem either. In fact, the source of problem should be identified. Proper repairs should be taken once a roofing contractor has identified the problem.

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