Shingle Roofing 101 – Choosing The Perfect Color For Your Roof


Shingle roofs are often favored by homeowners because of their affordable costs and wide design and color options. These roofs successfully boost curb appeal and give your house an attractive look.

If you want to increase your property’s value, make sure you pick the right color for the shingle roof. After all, mustard painted exteriors and moss green shingles won’t have that much-needed wow-effect.

Whether you’re installing asphalt, slate or wooden shingles, the right color and shade can make the house look more appealing. Since these roofs last over 20 to 30 years, you want to choose wisely!

If only it were easy to pick the perfect color… Wait, it is! Here are some tips:

1. Dark or light?

Many people ask whether they should use lighter shades or darker ones for heat retention. Black shingles are almost 10 degrees warmer than white.

However, the difference isn’t significant when it comes to other colors, such as grays, blues and browns. So instead of dwelling on a shade lighter or darker, pick one that you like the best.

2. Compare to brick and exterior paint colors

Your house’s bricks are permanent, so it is important that the shingles go well with them. While paint and siding colors are equally important, bricks must be considered first.

In case you intend to repaint the exterior and/or siding of your house, decide a color before you choose a shade for the shingle roof. A simple trick is to paint a piece of hardwood and compare the roofing materials side-by-side.

3. Use complementing colors

A color that perfectly matches the house’s siding or bricks may not be the best choice. It can give off a monotonous and boring look. You may want to use complementing / contrasting colors, or a slightly different hue of the same color to enhance appeal.

4. Make it simple

If you have vibrant multicolor exteriors, go with a simple roof.

A toned-down shingle color can enhance appeal, by binding different shades. For instance, if your house has a combination of blue and yellow, tie it all together with a soft blue shingle color.

In contrast, if your roof exteriors are monotonous, try designing the roof with multicolor or vibrant shingles.

5. View the shades in all lights

A slight difference in shade can make or break the deal! Make sure you pick the right one by viewing samples in different lights. You must know how it will appear during day and in night. Check the shade under sun and in shade to get an idea.

In the end, you have to ensure that all the colors work well together.

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