Refresh Your Roof with Exterior Cleaning Services


Who doesn’t love a cool shower on a hot afternoon?

Feeling rejuvenated after taking a dip in a tub of cold, calming water, you wash away your worries, ready to take on the next order of the day.

Now, your roof may not be a person—but believe us when we say, it certainly feels the heat!

If you don’t know much about cleaning your roof, however, and the role it plays in maintaining the health of your house, it won’t be long before you’re spending a fortune on repairs that could have been avoided with just a little bit of TLC.

Wash Away Your Roofing Troubles

Seasons come and go, children grow up and move out—but your roof stands tall, unchanged, unnoticed—enduring storms, unbearable heat and strong winds for decades to protect you and your family from the blows of extreme weather.

Parting with a roof due to structural damage can not only put a dent in your wallet, but take you back to square one as you continue to neglect it through the years.

Your roof is like any other part of your house. The door, walls, furniture, pipes. It demands proper maintenance, which may include a little sprucing up from time to time.

So, does this mean you grab a water hose, get on top of the roof and let ‘er rip?

Not exactly.

A spick and span roof means hiring professional roofing company Fort Worth TX that can employ appropriate exterior cleaning techniques to ensure your roof is not only clean, but “healthy”.

Choosing the Right Cleaning Tools

Cleaning Tools

You’re probably thinking, besides treacherous ice storms, your roof doesn’t have much reason to be dirty.

But consider for a moment the black stains you often see on your roof—coupled with the presence of algae, moss, lichen, fungus and the smell of mildew that never seems to go away.

These common factors indicate the dangers of excessive moisture that rapidly accumulates on the roof—paving the way for quick deterioration.

By simply realizing the enormity of these threats, you could opt for a cleaning service for less than 10% of a typical roof replacement cost.

Your roofing contractor will come in for an inspection and help you determine which mode of exterior cleaning is best suited to your roof—be it non-pressure cleaning or using a power washer.

Don’t get carried away by fancy cleaning techniques, or climb the ladder in the blazing Texas heat and attempt to do it yourself—lest you end up with a damaged roof and a preventable accident.

Give us a call at James Kate Roofing and choose an eco-friendly way to keep your roofing troubles at bay!

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