Elastomeric Roof Coatings: A Smart Alternative to Commercial Roofing Solutions


At James Kate Roofing and Construction, we offer a range of high quality, affordable and roofing solutions for your roofing needs. As professional roof repair specialists and maintenance service providers we can vouch for the fact that commercial roofs are decidedly difficult to look after. And this holds especially true for areas that suffer through extreme weather conditions.

As industrial roofers Mansfield TX, we provide an affordable solution to help your existing roofing deal with the changing weather conditions – elastomeric roof coatings!

What is it?

These are elastic coatings with reflective properties. They are formulated using polymeric materials such as acrylic along with titanium dioxide or another white pigment. A reflexive final coating is prepared for a ‘cool roof’.

Other than the reflexive property, these coatings also feature unique flexibility. They can easily expand or contract, thus responding to summer heat and cold conditions. This ability prevents the coating and thus the roofing materials underneath, from breaking or cracking.

It’s a roof coating that comes in a can, just like paint. And it also has the same viscosity as paint. That means, we can simply paint it on, brush it on or spray it on, just like paint. However, the material behaves very differently from paint. Elastomeric coatings are meant to go on 4 to 5 five times thicker than a coat of paint.

Compatibility with roofing materials

Elastomeric roof coatings are compatible with almost all types of roofs. This includes single-ply, modified bitumen, metal, wood, polyurethane foam, built-up and concrete roofing systems.

We recommend applying these coatings to protect your roofing system. If you’re not sure whether it would be feasible for your particular type of roof or not, consult our roof contractors. They will be happy to assist you in finding a durable roofing solution.

Other Benefits of Elastomeric Coatings

These cool roof coatings are superb heat reflectors, formulated in white to exploit the feature fully. They reflect back both the heat and light from the sun, keeping the roof and interior cool.

They also help you save considerably on energy bills. Keeping the roof cool, it also reduces the amount of energy you use for HVAC. Lower energy consumption means lower bills! In long-term, these coatings also reduce wear and tear of HVAC equipment.

Because of energy-saving features, these coatings may also be eligible for government tax incentives in certain regions.

Because they expand and contract responding to the surrounding temperature, the risk of roof damage is considerably low. These coatings protect the roof underneath from developing cracks, leaks or bubbles.

All of these features make elastomeric coatings a cost-effective, durable solution to roofing problems. This is especially important for commercial roofs where maintenance is difficult.

Learn more about this smart roofing solution. Call our roofing contractors Mansfield TX at (972) 895-7997. We are happy to serve all customers!

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