5 Things You Need to Know about Fire Suppression & Your Roof


Fires are unfortunately common in the Dallas area and they can wreak havoc on your home. Flames, heat, and smoke can spread throughout your home quickly causing significant damage. There’s also potential injuries to you and your loved ones. You may not realize it, but your home’s roof can play a major role in how much damage your property endures from a fire and it risk of fire. Some fires are not preventable, such as those that start from a lightning strike. Yet, your roof may offer excellent fire suppression that can decrease the speed of a fire spreading throughout the home. Some features can even squash a fire almost immediately after it starts.

Your Location Can Affect Your Fire Risk

invest in a forest fire home protection system
Some areas are more prone to fire

As your reputable roofing company in Dallas-Fort Worth, we are very familiar with the local fire risks that our residents face. For example, the intense heat that Texas is known for can raise temperatures on residential roofs. The heat can increase temperatures inside the home as well. When other risk factors are present, this can create a high-risk situation for a fire. This is more so if you live next to a grassy or wooded area that can become very dry during hot summer months. Evaporator roof cooling systems are one of the options available for improving your roof and keeping the fire risk as low as possible. This option can also help you to save money on energy costs throughout the year and make your indoor environment more enjoyable.

Some Shingles Can Suppress Fires

Fire suppression can be as simple as updating your home’s shingles. For example, Class A asphalt shingles are fire resistant. This does not mean that they will not catch on fire, but they can slow the rate of fire as it spreads throughout the home. This could prevent serious damage to your home. Any asphalt shingles that do not have this rating are not fire resistant and could be very flammable. We can help you to learn about the fire-resistant roofing options that may best suit your home and your budget.

The Interior Materials in the Roof Offer Fire Suppression

There are materials underneath the shingles that can affect your fire risk at home as well. For example, the waterproof sheeting that is installed underneath the shingles can also offer suppression. There are different qualities of roofing materials that are used on Dallas area homes. We can help you to learn more about the options that offer the greatest protection against fires and water leaks. We also offer advice about forest fire home protection and other available options. This feature can affect your energy costs as well as the cost of installation for the new roof.

Insulation Could Increase or Decrease Fire Risk

Insulation is found immediately underneath the interior roofing material and throughout the exterior walls of the home. Fiberglass insulation is most common because it is the most affordable, but it is highly flammable. A better option may be spray-in foam insulation. Like some types of shingles, this type of insulation is fire-resistant. When it is present throughout the entire home, the result is energy savings and decreased fire risks. Foam insulation can also decrease noise levels in the home, making it more hospitable to be in. This is particularly beneficial if you live next to a busy street, a playground or another loud venue.

Sprinklers May Extinguish Fires Quicker

installed roof saver sprinklers
Sprinklers are helpful in extinguishing fires

There are other features that you can install on your roof to suppress or contain fires well. Roof sprinklers are one of several exterior fire sprinkler systems than can extinguish fires as soon as sensors pick up signs of danger. There are also features that offer roof cooling with intermittent water sprays that can help you to reduce energy costs and reduce the risk of fire damage. When we provide you with a quote for the installation of a new roof, we can also help you to determine the type of sprinkler system that may be most helpful for your property.

Fires can destroy homes in a matter of minutes. They can also result in serious injuries or even the loss of life. If you’re concerned about fire danger in your home, contact us to learn more about the special materials and features available that can decrease fire risk. As well as suppress fires when they do develop.

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