The Most Common Roofing Questions


James Kate Construction has been in business for over a decade and we have encountered all kinds of special issues and concerns over the years. Experience is a great teacher and if it’s taught us one thing it’s that most customers in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex area who call us are all unique and each will have questions on their project.

These are some of the most common questions that we train each of our new team members on the James Kate Construction way to answer them. These questions represent property owners’ biggest concerns regarding their largest investment in their property, so you can be sure we take them very seriously. Let’s begin with the most common roofing questions and their answers.

Can I just replace the shingles?

Cracked Shingles

James Kate Roofing provides various kinds of roofing systems, shingles, flat and low-slope roofing and we know all about shingles – the good and the bad. One of the most common questions our Mansfield roofers are asked is, “Can I just replace the shingles?” and we always answer – with a thorough roof inspection. Depending on what our experienced and highly trained roofing contractors in Southlake discover, the answer to the question can vary widely, and you can trust James Kate to give you the facts about all your options.

If everything is structurally sound and our roofing experts in Mansfield, TX do a very deep inspection to uncover any issues with the underlayment or decking, we will offer a simple shingle replacement repair on a specific area making the answer to your question yes. However, if there is any structural issue uncovered, or if there’s damage beyond what a simple replacement for a small area would repair, our experienced roofers will recommend something more significant. We will discuss and offer all the possible options we have identified including repairs, replacement or construction.

Pro Tip: It’s highly recommended to replace your missing shingles as soon as you discover they are gone. The main purpose of a shingle is protecting the underlayment and decking from moisture. So, if you prolong shingle damage for even a short length of time it is just inviting trouble. Call James Kate Construction instead.

What about a patch?

As the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex area’s premier roofing company, we are always asked about patching a roof. Again, this completely depends upon what is found during inspection process. Our roofing contractors are extensively trained and experienced to identify any areas where damage has occurred and locate the reasons causing the issue in the first place. We will address the underlying problems before we do any patch or repair to avoid financial hit for the customer for another day.

Roof Patches

The best patch applications are where a specific part has problems, and our roofing experts consider a patch as the most cost-effective solution available for our client. If you have shingled roofing, shingle replacement is just as good an option, but incase of flat and low slope roofing, the process can be a bit more complicated. If a patch works for our customer, we will offer it alongside all the other available options we have identified as bringing their roofing nightmare to a successful conclusion.

Pro Tip: It is very important to discuss the patch proposed by your contractor. At James Kate Construction, we will do our best to match the existing roofing from an aesthetic perspective, but you need to know that a patch will not be perfect even with our exceptional service.

Can you roof over my existing roof?

Roof over existing roof

Almost every property owner asks this question during the roofing process due to the worry over new roof construction costs. It is totally understandable from an owner’s perspective, but our roofing experts do their best to explain that reroofing is nothing more than adding trouble to an already troublesome situation.

Reroofing is perfectly fine for flat roofs when there is not more than two layers already in place. If reroofing is better for a customer, we will recommend it.

Pro Tip: Be sure to discuss your reroofing thoroughly with your roofing contractor in Arlington, TX before you do any work. There are possibilities that reroofing will completely void any manufacturer’s warranty your roof had in place.

Do I need to replace my roof?

This is the biggest question every property owner fears to ask. Yes, new roofing can be expensive, and installation and construction can be intrusive operations. But there is a real range of benefits of roof replacement that cannot be overlooked. Again, as with all roofing questions, the answer is completely dependent on what our roofing experts uncover when they visit your structure for inspection.

Roof replacement

The advances in roofing materials and installation techniques means that any new roofing you put in today will end up paying for itself over the course of its lifetime. The energy efficiency of roofing products has grown astronomically in the last 20 years, so your new roof will reduce your overall energy usage – lowering your bills by significant margin. It will also benefit the overall value of your home. Property is valued far higher with a new roof within warranty, so roof replacement means that you are investing in yourself and your family’s financial future.

Pro Tip: Ask the experts at James Kate Construction about our flexible payment plans and helpful financing options. We will even help with your insurance paperwork!

Need more information?

No matter what questions you may have about roofing, you can always trust the highly experienced and skilled roofing experts at James Kate Construction to be there with an answer. It is what we do and have been doing for more than a decade for the property owners in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex area, so call (972) 895-7997 now!

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