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Granbury, TX, Solar Roofing

Granbury, TX solar roofing can help you save money on your electric bill and be kind to the Earth. The cost of solar shingles has decreased greatly, making it easier for people to use solar energy. You might also get money back from tax credits, rebates, or net metering programs. Net metering lets you sell extra energy from your solar shingles back to the power company, which could even lower your bill.

Timberline Solar™ – A Unique Solar Roofing System in Granbury, TX

GAF Energy has a particular solar roofing system called Timberline Solar™. It uses solar shingles that are strong and can handle bad weather. These shingles look good and can make your home or business in Granbury, Texas, look better.

Get Solar Shingles Installed With Expert in Granbury, TX

James Kate Roofing is great at putting solar equipment on homes and businesses. They do it right and make sure you’re happy with the results.

James Kate Roofing can help you see if your home or business in Granbury, Texas is a good place for solar shingles. They’ll send a trained person to look at your property and check how much sun it gets.

Trust Us For Solar System Repairs in Granbury, TX

James Kate Roofing can fix your solar shingles if you live in Granbury, Texas, and need help with your solar shingles. They ensure their customers are happy and give the best service possible.

Get Power With a Home Battery Backup System in Granbury, TX

The people at James Kate Roofing can help you find the best battery backup system for your home in Granbury, Texas. They have many choices, like old-style lead-acid batteries and newer lithium-ion batteries.

Expert Solar Shingle Removal and Reinstallation in Granbury, TX 

James Kate Roofing can remove solar shingles and put them back on when you need work on your roof. They have done this many times in Granbury, Texas.

Save Money With Solar Systems in Granbury, TX 

Solar shingles can help you save money and be kind to the Earth. Prices have decreased, making it easier for people to switch to solar energy.

Connect to the Power Grid With On-grid Solar Systems in Granbury, TX

On-grid solar systems, also called grid-tied solar systems, are connected to the electric grid, which means your solar shingles work with the power company.

GAF Awards

  • GAF Master Elite
  • GAF Triple Excellence Award
  • GAF President's Club

Be Independent With Off-grid Solar Systems in Granbury, TX

Off-grid solar systems give electricity to homes or businesses not connected to the power grid. These systems produce electricity with solar shingles, batteries, and other equipment.

Trust Hybrid Solar Systems For More Reliability 

Hybrid solar systems are more reliable because they keep making electricity even if one of the energy sources stops working.

Explore Solar Roofing Options in Granbury, TX

If you want to use solar roofing in Granbury, Texas, many choices fit your needs. Solar energy can help you save money on your electric bill and be kind to the Earth. Call James Kate Roofing today to learn more about solar shingles for your home or business.

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