Roofing Decisions – To Repair or Replace?


Feel like you’re on the fence, and can’t decide if you should opt for repair, or have your roof replaced completely? The decision need not be so challenging!

The key to roofing decisions is all about timing. We understand that you wouldn’t want to invest into it too soon, and waste money. However, you wouldn’t want to wait too long either. Procrastination is one of the biggest evils, mostly resulting in higher costs due to continued negligence.

So, how do you deduce if it’s time to repair or replace? Just follow our guide:

Checkout Signs of Damage

Checking your roof’s condition annually will help you prepare for necessary damage control in advance. The key is to critically analyze every aspect of the roof. Look for signs such as dark areas on the interior ceiling, peeling recent paint jobs, damp spots and water stains.

Now, onto the exterior. While it may not be a safe option for you to grab hold of a ladder and begin your inspection, a safer option would be to use binoculars for inspection. Check for signs of cracked caulk, rust spots and shingles that look on the brink of breakage. Furthermore, finding residues of grit from asphalt roof tiles in your pipelines or is a bad sign. This means that the granules that protect your house from the harsh sunlight are damaged.

If you’re expecting bad weather soon, time may not be the luxury you can afford at the moment. Therefore, it is recommended to call in professional Dallas roofing contractors who will manage the consultation part of the roofing project.

When You Should Repair

In a nutshell, here’s when a repair is a wise decision:

  • If your critical observation revealed minor maintenance issues, such as leaks in the roof;
  • Your roof isn’t too old;
  • There isn’t an urgent need for replacement just yet
  • Your professional and trusted contractor has recommended so

Replacement & Re-Roofing

In case of numerous issues, such as decay, cracked caulk and several rust spots, a complete re-roofing might be a better, and more economical option. Chances are, you’d be staying in the house for a lifetime. Even if this may not be the case, you’re looking to put your house on the market soon enough. A lumpy and damaged roof is enough to diminish the value of your property by hundreds of dollars, driving potential buyers away too.

Other factors include safety considerations, uncertain climatic conditions and growing costs. If you fail to address the matter immediately, you may be spending more in the future for roof replacement than you would at this given time!

Don’t Forget To Hire a Roofing Company with the Right Credentials

Your repaired or new roof is only as good as the reliability of your contractor! So make sure you invest in the right resource.

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