What Your Roof Is Trying To Tell You (Part 1)


For most people, the cost of roof maintenance and repair can prove to be a bit heavy on the pocket. However, with timely action and care, these costs can be significantly reduced. It is important to understand that problems in the structure of the house won’t go away themselves; in fact, it only worsens over time to a point where they will end up costing huge sums money.

The roof of the house is no exception to this. In fact, in this case, the stakes are even higher. Simple neglect of common signs can exacerbate the situation over time, the end result of which is necessity of major refurbishments and repairs.

So, when exactly should you start taking action? Here, we highlight a few signs which are clear indicators that your roof needs a professional touch.

Appearance Of Water Spots On The Ceiling

The emergence of water on the ceiling is a clear indicator that the roof has a leak. In case of small leaks, pinpointing the exact area of the problem can prove to be tricky. The reason being, water does not always drip straight down. It is highly possible that it may be traveling through roof panels, wood in the attic, or other surrounding areas before making its way onto the insulation.

In any case, unless you are an expert, contacting professionals is highly advised.

Emergence Of Water Spots On Exterior Walls

This is a very common problem which is usually a result of loose or damaged step flashing in areas where the roof and meets the wall. If the problem persists or worsens, it is highly likely that it is because of flashing which then would require replacement. Here too we would advise that you contact a professional with solid roofing skills to provide a holistic, long term and reliable solution.

Presence Of Granules Inside Gutters Or Cracked Shingles

The accumulation of granules in the gutters indicates that the roof shingles are deteriorating and need replacement. A great way to go about identifying this is to carefully climb up and examine the shingles yourself. If they seem exposed (worn off granules), you should get them replaced. Often times granules don’t wash away, but cracks start to emerge in the shingles. So, be on the lookout for those as well. In any case, replacement is highly advised. Most shingles come with limited or lifetime warranties. So, it best that you check receipts or contact the manufacturer before buying completely new ones.

Stay tuned for the next part of this blog, where we highlight a few more things your roof might be telling you.

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