What Your Roof Is Trying To Tell You (Part 2)


Continuing where we left off, here are a few more things your roof maybe trying to tell you. Pay extra attention as these might just help you save some major roofing bills.

Cupping Or Missing Shingle

Cupping roof shingles can be a result of wearing or an improperly vented attic. While in most cases cupping is due to the age of the shingles,
in the case of the latter, the cupping can get worse with time and expand through a large area.

This mainly happens when an attic gets hot which in turn heats up the roof, leading to the deterioration and cupping. It can cause further complications like roof leaks from wind-blown rain drops that may make their way through the cupped shingles and inside the house.

Missing Shingles

Given the climatic conditions shingles endure for years, often times they become loose and eventually get blown out. Loose or missing shingles can even be a result of tree branches coming in contact with the certain areas of the roof. In any case, it happens when the sealant, which tightly binds the shingle with the surface, becomes weak. Missing shingles can result in water entering the house during rain, or in some cases, even animals or pests. The only way to deal with the problem is to fill in the empty place with new shingles.

Roof Leaks As A Result Of Temperature Change

If you notice a roof leak after a significant temperature change, chances are you have ice dams. This happens when ice starts to build up on the roof, which in turn, prevents the melted snow from properly draining off. The accumulated water can get under the shingles and result in a leak. Since this is a natural phenomenon, there is very little that can be done to eliminate the problem.

However, steps can be taken to mitigate its effects. For instance, a well-insulated attic can prevent the hot air from melting the snow on the roof and more.

Remember, just like all other things in the house, the roof will deteriorate over time. It is simply something that cannot be avoided. The best thing one can do is to prevent the problem from getting worse by seeking timely professional help.

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