Three Unsuspected Causes of your Roof Leak


Have a roof leak that just doesn’t go away? Tried everything – patching, coating, repairing, but the inevitable drip still remains?

There’s a high chance that you aren’t inspecting the right areas. When examining the leakage areas, don’t miss inspecting these three areas:


When determining the exact place of your leak, look at the ceiling closely to find the spot from where the beginning of the leak. It isn’t necessary that there’s a hole right above the place where the water’s dripping from. You might be ignoring a probable cause of rook leaks – condensations. It forms when warm air comes in contact with cool air.

You have seen water droplets on your favorite cold beverage can, haven’t you? Those droplets are a result of severe change in temperatures and this exactly what happens to your ceiling space or attic when temperatures change. Poor insulation is the main cause of condensation and your roof is impacted due to drastic change in temperatures.

Rooftop Units

While tracing a roof leak, you may see a duct work attached to a roof top unit (RTU). In most cases, roof top units are heating, air conditioning and a ventilation unit. These units are not built in a manner to be water tight. Instead, the water runs onto the roof. However, if the drain or hole is blocked, water will collect in the unit and will only reach your duct work. Water accumulated in your duct work is another probable and unsuspected cause of your roof leak.

Adjacent Structures

If you’re confident that the unit is not causing an issue, there may be a masonry wall or other buildings connected to the area serving as the main culprit. A leak in the middle of the room does not mean that the water isn’t traveling along the structure. Moisture can leach into the masonry, flow down inside the wall, run down the structure and ultimately drip onto your ceiling. When inspecting a roof leak, make sure that you look for cracks in the masonry, and crumbling in the mortar.

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