Re-Roofing: Should You Recover Or Tear Off And Replace?


When considering re-roofing your old shingle roof, there are two options you can choose from: either you cover your existing roof with new shingles, or replace the old roof with a new one. Recovering your roof is a cheaper investment as compared to tearing off and replacing; however, a cheap investment might not always be the right option.

If you’re confused between these two re-roofing options, read on to decide:

Recovering your Roof

Recovering your roof saves you from a lot of troubles, costs and risks such as water damage etc. If your existing shingles are not too severely curled and if the sheathing is sound, it is safe to choose this option and recover your roof. However, if your roof already has multiple layers, curled shingles on its existing surface or the existence of rot, recovering your roof is not a viable option.

Don’t just choose this option because it’s cheap. Consider turning up to professionals and taking advice from roofing companies when taking a decision.

Tearing Off and Replacing your Roof

If your roof already has two or more layers of roofing material, it’s time for a tear off. If it isn’t heavily layered, and if the roof deck is damaged due to water, insects or rot, you’ll need to tear off the old roof before re-roofing. In case the decking is thin or if fiberboard was used, the nails may not hold and cause severe damage to your roof. Another situation under which replacement is needed is to strengthen the support of an additional layer of roof covering.

Even if insulation has retained moisture and you’re uncertain about your roof’s condition, tearing off and replacing it is a safe option. Tearing off and replacing a roof is expensive as compared to recovering, but it will outlast a recover with its longevity.

When deciding, whether you should replace or recover your roof, don’t forget to contact roofing professionals. Not only will they guide you in a much better manner, they will also perform a thorough inspection which will help in finding out the condition of your roof.

Get in touch with us for a detailed and careful roof inspection. Being one of the best roofing companies in Dallas TX, we at James Kate Roofing make sure that our professionals reach to you as soon as you contact us.

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