Debunking Common Roofing Myths


Myths are common ‘beliefs’ that people twist and exaggerate over time; so much so, that it becomes a common understanding.

Roofing has more than its share.Your roof will last for 25 years, regardless of the environment.Flashing has no link to roof leaks.These myths could lead to you making wrong and costly decisions.

Facts help dispel myths. It is these concrete facts that will help make the right decision regarding your roof. So, here we present some concrete facts to dispel common myths about roofing:

Myth # 1: Gutters are not related to Roof Maintenance

One of the biggest purposes of the roofing system is funneling and directing rainwater and melting snow  away from the house. Gutters play a crucial role in this.. Thus, keeping them clean and in top condition will help you to prevent many roof problems. When getting your roof replaced, make sure that  your gutters are in good condition.

Myth # 2: Covering Damaged Shingles with New Ones fixes Roof Problems

Installing new shingles on old onesmay  only lead to more problems. Remove the old, damaged shingles completely and replace them with new ones. Underneath shingles is a layer of wood sheathing, usually plywood. This sheathing can rot due to leaks, age or inadequate attic ventilation. Thus, if you install new shingles on the old ones, they’d inherit these problems. Furthermore, adopting this approach will save you money initially, but you’ll end up paying more in the future. It’s better to do it right the first time!

Myth # 3: Roofs do not Need Annual Inspections

This is one of the most common myths about roofing and is the leading reason why people face roof problems. Frequent examinations with written guidance reports and photos allow you to examine the concerned areas that should be addresses sooner than later. Roof inspections ensure your roofs’ longevity and ensure that they are  properly maintained.

Myth # 4: Replacing Flashing doesn’t prevent Roof Leak

Flashing is made of durable metal which can take an incredible beating without damage. But, that doesn’t mean you don’t replace it. Over the years, flashing can become loose, rusted and cracked. When this happens, water gets around the roof and the whole roofing system is compromised. Flashing can be damaged at any point of time; thus as a general rule, have it inspected at least twice a year.

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